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A little about me…

Hi, i’m Trent Szmolnik and I thoroughly enjoy documenting natural moments between couples, and sharing them to last a lifetime.

Wow, that was a little… Here’s a bit more.

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I am a photographer originally from Melbourne, grown up in Brisbane, and now based in Sydney. (Don’t fret, i’m happy to travel to your location for your wedding!)

I am coffee reliant, adventure seeking, music loving and insta creeping… I’ll admit I spend a bit of time on Instagram. It’s a visual based platform, it makes sense right?! (At least that’s what I tell myself).

I’m a sucker for clean, modern branding that makes me feel good inside. I become emotionally attached to products like it’s a severe problem. No but seriously, if it looks cool, feels cool or smells cool - i’m done.

I first fell in love with photography after school when I travelled to the United States for a holiday. I bought my first camera (Canon DSLR), and shot anything and everything whilst away. The fact I could go on a trip that thousands of people do each year, but still be able to document it in my own unique style, was and continues to spark my curiosity.

Over the years i’ve worked with various companies shooting events and socials, but there is nothing I enjoy more than shooting people in their natural environments. I’ve been able to develop my ‘golden’ style of edit, and continue to collaborate with brands on social media. Travel and Lifestyle remains my second favourite style of shooting, allowing me to share my images with the world online. I contribute to Unsplash, which is a photography image library for designers, where my photos have been nominated for awards and currently total over 20 million views. My images have also been featured on several instagram accounts including Canon Australia and various other travel pages. My most shared photos (shown below), were taken from a helicopter over New York.

As much as it’s important for YOU to get to know ME as a person, I also find it super important to get to know you! I honestly believe the one true barrier to capturing the most unique and candid images of your wedding day, is feeling like we all know each other… WELL! I know many photographers say ‘you’ll barely notice i’m there’, and for the most part this is true, but there will come a time for your bridal portraits and that WILL involve me standing awkwardly in front of you both taking images. To my knowledge there is only 1 x invisibility cloak and last time I checked I do not have a scar on my forehead (Harry Potter reference..). So getting to know each other like friends REALLY helps to calm those nerves and result in truly amazing, natural images for you to both look back on forever.

What’s the next step? Head over to the online enquiry form, fill in your details and lets arrange a meet up! I can’t wait to hear all about how you first met.